Al Shaali Marine releases a parasailing launch

Source: Avas

Al Shaali Marine Maldives (AS Marine) has released a Para Sailing Launch.

With a mechanism and parachute that allows for people to be up in the air, the launch is docked at Thilafushi, in the boatyard of Al Shaali Marine Maldives.

The Manager of AS Marine, Mr Ismail Shareef stated that this launch is in high demand across resorts and guesthouses, with this launch being the third launch the company has released. He further stated that the company was hoping to release new products as the year progresses.

AS Marine is known for progressively releasing award-winning vessels that cater to the Maldivian market. The dockyard of the company, located in Thilafushi, is one of the most prominent docks in the country.

The Al Shaali Marine Dubai and Al Shaali Marine Maldives collaborated to establish the reputable Maldivian company known as “Coastline”.

Al Shali Marine Dubai has been producing fibre vessels since the year 1979.