Addu City Council allows businesses to operate for 24 hours

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The Addu City Council has allowed local businesses to apply for permits in order to operate for 24 hours.

The city’s council stated that they have started providing application forms for businesses that operate cafés, restaurants, and shops that sell import goods to apply for the permit to run their respective businesses on a 24-hour basis. Addu City’s council is collaborating with the Ministry of Economic Development in this endeavour.

Addu City Council also stated that businesses that meet the requirements posted under the Ministry’s mandate would be given permission to operate for 24 hours. Businesses that qualify are required to pay a fee of MVR2000 as part of the permit to Maldives Inland Revenue Authority prior to commencing their business operations under a 24-hour basis.

The permit is granted for a 2-year period starting from the date of it being granted by the Ministry.

Businesses that seek to operate for 24-hours must place labels in their respective outlets to indicate they will be open under a 24-hour basis. The labels or bills should be visible on the exterior of the business outlets. In addition to this, such venues must have visibility and should prohibit smoking at the vicinity.

Such businesses are also conditioned to install CCTV cameras operational for 24-hours.

Any business found in violation of these conditions would have their permit temporarily revoked for a period of six months and if the businesses are found violating the regulations repetitively then their permits will be permanently cancelled.

Furthermore, Addu City Council claims the businesses which will be granted the permission to operate for 24-hours at the city should be situated at designated locations that the council authority has approved – following discussions with Economic Ministry.

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