Government announces plans for a National Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Source: Avas

The Maldivian government has announced plans to create a national association for female entrepreneurs.

The plans to establish the National Women’s Chamber of Commerce (NWCC) were announced at the closing ceremony of the Business Convention 2019 by the Registrar of Companies, Ms Mariyam Visam.

The Registrar went on to state that there was a noticeable lack of a unified platform for female entrepreneurs to voice their concerns and issues. She went on to state that there was a special session targeting female entrepreneurs at the Business Convention, adding that several civil society organisations were invited.  She concluded stating that it was through these discussions and meetings that the need for a unified platform for female entrepreneurs was gleaned.

Ms Visam also stated that the organisation will not be hindering the work already being done by different organisations to empower female entrepreneurs, but will actively encourage joining them.

Ms Visam stated that the Ministry would not be running such an organisation. She further elaborated that the Ministry’s role would be to provide a governance structure and to work towards drafting bills that could promote the development of female entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Ms Visam cited a survey done by the UNDP which concluded that the participation of women in the economy of the Maldives was very low.

As this new organisation is being established, it is worth noting that a council for female entrepreneurs did exist previously. However, the council is currently defunct.

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