IWEE, HFW, and WOB announces strategic partnership

Source: MBR

The International Women Empowerment Events (IWEE) has announced a strategic partnership with local NGOs, Hope for Women (HFW) and Women on Boards (WOB).

In a statement released on International Women’s Day 2019, the organisation stated that it would be working with the two aforementioned local NGOs to the Maldives the launching site for a series of 2-day conferences.

The conferences will be held in different countries around the world and will be followed up by a country-specific follow-up intervention to accelerate skills among budding entrepreneurs.

These events are in line with the IWEE’s mission to empower women by providing guidance and support through both the local and global level through training and coaching in areas of women leadership, attachment theory, finance, sexual harassment, and other focused topics with actionable outcomes and localised training.

WOB is a leading centre for the development and empowerment of women in the Maldives, encouraging women to reach the next level wherever they are, regardless of their position or economic standing. They will be working with IWEE locally.

HFW is an organization founded in 2010 primarily to end violence against women and girls with a focus on ending gender discrimination, promoting gender equality, and political empowerment of women in the Maldives through advocacy and civic campaigns.

According to the statement, the issue of financial abuse within relationships and women’s financial freedom has been gaining attention. As such, the statement emphasized the importance of parenting up with these two NGOs for an event that focuses on women’s economic empowerment.

“The strategic partnership with IWEE is consistent with our mission to support women across the country, and to continuously deliver better services to help support and improve women empowerment in the Maldives.” Said the President of WOB, former CEO of the Capital Market Development Authority, Ms Fathimath Shafeega.

The WOB annual awards will also be held in collaboration with the event.

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