Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure releases pre-construction guidelines

Source: Avas

The Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure has released a set of guidelines that need to be met before construction of buildings is to take place.

According to the guidelines, the purpose of these guidelines is to establish standards of practice for submitting plans, amending said plans, the construction process, and making amendments to the construction process. They also address how to get the needed permissions for construction.

Some of the standards mentioned include making buildings disabled-friendly in their access and use.

The guidelines also went over the consequences for failure to comply. These can range from having to pay fines to revoke construction license.

The guidelines were drafted so they go into effect the day they were gazetted in Malé and from 1 June 2019 onwards for the rest of the Maldives.

The Maldivian government has been working with players in the construction industry to bring changes to the industry. This initiative was necessitated by the increase in deadly accidents on and around construction sites.

Following a court ruling, the government has been meeting major players in the construction industry to work together to draft guidelines for the industry.

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