Ministry of Economic Development confirms no deadline for 24-hour business applications

Photo: Avas Online

The Ministry of Economic Development has confirmed that there is no deadline for local businesses to apply seeking government permission to operate businesses on a 24-hour basis.

While a few local ventures have been granted permission to operate on 24-hour basis, an official speaking from the ministry stated that businesses were granted the permission following an initial inspection to check if the venue met the mandated standards.

These standards have now been gazetted by the ministry and are available for the public from their website.

The Ministry further noted that businesses found violating the regulations will be penalized accordingly which involves temporary suspension on the permit for a first-time offense and permanent cancellation of it for repeat offences.

According to the regulations all local businesses acquiring for 24-hour permission must be situated in a venue that is designated by the council authorities based on the ministry’s advice.

The official had also stated that businesses that have been granted with permission to operate for 24-hours will be monitored regularly to seek if the said ventures were violating any set regulations or not.

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