Rasdhoo View Inn guest house eliminates single-use plastic bottles

Source: Avas

The Rasdhoo View Inn guest house has eliminated single-use plastic bottles from its premises.

The General Manager of the guest house, Mr Hussain Shimaau stated that this initiative was carried out in an effort to be more environmentally conscious. He went on to state that the island has seen an increase in trash buildup in its waste management area, and that they wanted to do their part to decrease this buildup.

The guest house is notable for being the first on the island to eliminate single-use plastic bottles, opting to use glass bottles.

Mr Shimaau spoke about these glass bottles, adding that they were also cheaper in the long term. He elaborated that 50 cases of small plastic bottles at a rate of MVR60 cost them MVR3,000 monthly.

He then stated that the investment to switch over to glass bottles cost only MVR1,500, adding that they now serve water in glass bottles after refilling them with 10 cases worth of large mineral water bottles at a rate of MVR52 per bottle. The total spent is MVR520.

This initiative by the Rasdhoo View Inn is one of the many initiatives across the Maldives to curb the use of single-use plastic.

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