Tourist arrivals increase above 160,000 during February 2019

Source: avas

According to the recent statistics published by the Maldivian Ministry of Tourism, the Maldives was visited in total by 168,583 during the span of February 2019.

The figures indicate that the tourist arrival had also increased by 16.8% during last month, compared to the total arrivals of February last year. In 2018, the ministry recorded a total of 144,286 guest arrivals to the Maldives in February.

The Ministry of Tourism reported that the total number of guests arriving in the Maldives in January 2019 reached 151,552 which meant a rise in figures based on month-to-month comparison as well.

As of February’s end, the total holidaymakers visiting the Maldives based on the first two months had reached 320,135. This marks an 11.7% increase of the total arrivals of the same period since in 2018, the arrivals were recorded at 286,637.

While in January the estimated bed nights were on average at 6.0% it had increased by February to 6.5%.

Tourism demographics remained significantly unchanged as the European region reigned as the top marketplace with a share of 55% of the total guest arrivals.

However, China still remains on top as a single market contributor with the highest number of tourists flying to the Maldives from one designated country. Statistics indicated that Chinese tourists who visited the Maldives during February reached 31,285 which is, however, a slip from January’s figure of 33,506.

The registered tourist accommodation had also increased compared to 2018 with a total of 841 establishments registered in the Maldives as February 2019. It was recorded that the Maldives had 754 tourist establishments during the same period in 2018.

This, in turn, had also resulted in the increase of bed capacity from 41,710 in February 2018 to 45,642 in the previous month marking a 9.4% increase.

Meanwhile, the occupancy rate had dropped in February 2019 to 79.5% from 81.0% in February of last year. The average guest stay had also decreased by 5.8 days in the previous month compared to 6.4 days on average during February 2018.

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