Foresight Surveyors Introduces Underwater Drone

Underwater drone — Photo: Foresight Surveyors

Foresight Surveyors has introduced the Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone for the first time in the Maldives.

The drone has a 100 meter depth and 500 meter range, and can stay submerged for up to three hours.

Managing Director of Foresight Surveyors, Ahmed Nuaim stated that the company aims to introduce modern and high quality equipment to the Maldivian Market.

The Gladius Underwater Drone is deemed one of the most user-friendly underwater photography drones with a 4K camera, capable of videography and still photography. While photos and videos can be stored on the drone’s internal storage, the live stream feature allows divers to share their experience in real-time.

The drone can be controlled using a smartphone-connected remote and supports omni-directional movements that, paired with the light sensors and image optimization algorithms, create stunning 4K imagery without distortion.

Foresight Surveyors is the exclusive sole distributor of the drone to Maldives and Sri Lanka.

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