Red Wave offers onions, potatoes, and eggs at cheap prices

Source: Avas

The renown local shop chain Red Wave has started selling onions, potatoes, and eggs at cheap prices to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan.

A senior official representing Red Wave stated that they are currently selling eggs at the cheapest price in the market, which amounts to about MVR1.50 per egg. Additionally, a kilo of onions or potatoes is currently priced at MVR7.

They also stated that these products would be available throughout Ramadan, adding that their goal was to provide the public with a cheap and easy way to procure the food they needed.

The senior official also stated that despite Red Wave not being a state-owned company nor being exempt from land rent, the company would be selling cheaper than the state-owned companies.

This initiative is an important one, due to the fact that the month of Ramadan typically sees a rise in demand for eggs, onions, and potatoes.

Last year saw the price of these products increase drastically due to high demand. Red Wave was instrumental in their work to try to keep the prices low and make sure these important products are affordable to the average citizen.

Red Wave is currently running massive sales in its 11 outlets, with 10 to 70% discounts offered on products.

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