Chilli prices rise in Kandoodhoo

Source: SunOnline

The price of chillis from Kandoodhoo is rising due to increased demand.

A kilo of chillis from Kandoodhoo is currently valued at MVR900 and is expected to rise further.

The Deputy Head of the Kandoodhoo Council, Mr Mohamed Nawaz stated that the rise in temperature is the main contributor to this price hike, adding that it has become more difficult to grow chillis on the island.

Mr Nawaz went on to state that despite the inhabitants of the island attempting to grow chillis in time for Ramadan, very few bore any usable produce.

He also stated that the island has been known for its chilli crop since the year 2000 and that the council has provided plots of land for farming, free of charge.

Mr Nawaz also stated that the rise in prices of pesticides is one of the biggest obstacles farmers face when rearing their crops. He stated that even without the taxation by the government, sellers are selling at inflated prices.

It is estimated that 90% of the inhabitants of the island earn their living through farming and they earn about MVR15,000 after subtracting costs.

Kandoodhoo is one of the major local suppliers of chillis and the demand for their produce typically rises as Ramadan approaches.

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