MIRA to be contacted when amending agreements concerning the government


Source: Mihaaru

The Ministry of Finance has stated that the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) must now be contacted when amending any agreement that affects the government and its earnings.

The Ministry made this announcement in a circular it published and elaborated that MIRA must be informed of any amendment to an agreement which concerns money going into the government, any changes to the concerned parties in the agreement, or any renewal of such an agreement.

The circular went on to state that any money owed to the government by such an agreement must also be paid before any amendments can be made to it.

Additionally, the Ministry of Finance needs to be consulted when making amendments to any agreement that involves making payments to the government through a governmental office. The Ministry added that changes cannot be brought to such an agreement without consulting them first.

These new policies by the Ministry of Finance are in line with the current government’s promise to take steps to improve efficiency within the government.