Fall in love with the problem: notes from the first Sparkhub session

Panelists at the Sparkhub session — Photo: sparkhubmv

The first ever session of Sparkhub was held under the title of ‘A Blue Print for Startups’.

The session focused on the issues a new start up could face and how to overcome those issues.

Panelists Nattu Adnan, Shafiu Hassan and Alsu Kashapova also spoke on their personal journey in launching and running startups.

In the session the panelists highlighted on the importance of understanding the problem, specificially the needs of the end user and validating if a solution could be found to the problem.

‘Fall in love with the problem, not the solution,’ panelist Alsu Kashapova said.

Noting that prioritizing was a key factor in startups, Shafiu advised participants that it was vital that pace oneself was critical as well. As such, he noted that launching a startup was hard, but not undoable, if one had a clear end goal.

Shafiu also spoke on the role of competition and how it can help to create better projects.

‘OK! So someone stole your idea & built it? Well you look into it and built it much better!’, he said.

Reflecting on his life experiences, Nattu highlighted that it was vital to balance startup projects and commercial projects.

Spark Chat is an informal and non-technical conversation between like-minded personals, peers or those who are interested to get into the startup culture or expand their horizon of business, thereby providing a platform where the community can come together, with a common language and understanding to network and learn from one another.

Sparkhub team says this is the first of many such sessions planned.

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