Watermelon prices go down, egg prices go up

Source: Avas

The first day of Ramadan saw a decrease in price for watermelons while the price of eggs went up.

For the first few days of Ramadan, the price of a case of eggs was around MVR300 but now, the price has increased to between MVR350 to MVR500 per case of eggs.

A merchant spoke to local media and stated that this increase can be attributed to a decrease in the supply of eggs in the market. He went on to state that despite this, more supplies are incoming and the price is expected to go down again.

It is worth noting that despite the increase in the price of eggs, onion and potato prices remain unchanged.

Additionally, watermelon prices have gone down in the local markets. They started at a price of MVR40 to MVR45 per kilo but has since been reduced to MVR30 per kilo.

According to merchants who sell watermelons, prices are expected to go down as Ramadan progresses.

However, the price of chiles from Kandoodhoo has gone up. Currently, a gram of Kandoodhoo chiles cost MVR100 and a kilo costs MVR1000.

Prices are expected to change within Ramadan with the rising demand and the producers’ ability to supply them.

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