Maldives to renew plans of developing floating islands

The Holland Company, Dutch Docklands have signed a project to bring floating islands to the Maldives again.

The project was initially signed during the former President of the Maldives, Mr Mohamed Nasheed’s regime in 2010. During that time, the government were to lend out 5 islands to the Dutch Dockland to integrate floating technology. The agreement was signed by the former Minister of the Ministry of Economics, Mr Mohamed Rasheed.

The project launch was covered by the English Media on August 17, 2015, however, there were no updates regarding this matter in the Maldives.

The project was signed for the second time during an official ceremony conducted by the Ministry of Tourism last Thursday. The agreement was signed by the State Minister of Tourism, Dr Ahmed Solih.

However, no further details regarding the project were provided by the Ministry of Tourism.

The commercial development of floating islands has been a concept introduced in several countries.



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