Maldivian fish product vendor opens in Malaysia


Source: Avas

A Maldivian fish products vendor named the Maldivian Fish Market has opened in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

The Maldivian Fish Market was opened by former football player Abdul Hameed Abdul Ghafoor and a group of investors from the All H Maldives company.

The venue for the shop was chosen due to the large concentration of the Maldivian population in Subang Jaya.

Mr Abdul Ghafoor stated that the shop would specialize in fish products created by Maldivian companies such as Horizon, Ensis, and Maandhoo. He added that they have requested MIFCO to authorize selling their products as well.

The company also aims to act as an agent of the Maldives to Asia.

Mr Abdul Ghafoor went on to state that fish was a product that Malaysians used frequently as well and as such, the demand for their products are expected to be high.

He also stated that they would be taking part in food fairs very soon and that this is expected to bring in bulk orders for their products.

Malaysia is a country known for its notable Maldivian population. Sri Lanka aside, Malaysia is known for having the largest Maldivian population abroad.