Kandoodhoo chillies becomes a rarity at local markets

Source: Mihaaru

Chillies from Kandoodhoo are no longer widely available from local fresh produce markets.

The chillies, last priced at MVR1,300 per kilo, did not make enough sales and have become a rarity in the market.

Previously priced at MVR65 per 100 grams and MVR600 per kilo, chillies from Kandoodhoo were a common sight in the market and a popular choice for customers.

A local vendor spoke to the media and stated that he has stopped bringing in chillies from the island, elaborating that they were priced at MVR900 per kilo at the start of Ramadan. He added that despite the price of chillies dropping to MVR250 per kilo, he has not brought in any.

Currently, the general public is also choosing to avoid purchasing chillies from Kandoodhoo and opting for imported Ugandan chillies, which sell for about MVR350 per kilo.

Chillies from Kandoodhoo used to be available at a lower price but due to a rise in temperature, it had become harder to grow crops on the island. Rising prices of pesticides is also a contributing factor.

It is estimated that this drop in demand might result in a drop in selling price for chillies from Kandoodhoo.

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