Watermelon prices drop by half


Source: Mihaaru

The price of watermelons at the local market has dropped from MVR40 per kilo to MVR20 per kilo.

Vendors at the local market attributed this drop in price to an increase in watermelon supplies going in from the islands.

They added that despite the drop in price, there have not been any significant drops in demand since Ramadan began.

The vendors further elaborated that the majority of the watermelon crop comes from Thoddoo and that it was available at a rate of MVR16 per kilo.

They went on to state that the price of watermelons at the market was expected to drop to an estimated MVR10 per kilo in the days to come.

Between 25 to 35 tonnes of watermelons are brought to Malé every day of the week, aside from Friday.

Thoddoo itself is reported to have created 117 plots of land to grow watermelons for Ramadan, while Kaashidhoo and Kandoodhoo are also hard at work growing and sending over watermelons to the local produce market.