Transport Authority seeks developers for taxi app

Source: SunOnline

The Transport Authority is currently seeking a developer for an online taxi booking application for the Maldives.

According to a statement released by the Transport Authority, any interested parties are invited to their offices on 29 and 30 May to find the information they may need, adding that they can also submit proposals by 2.00pm of 30 May.

This announcement follows a decision made by the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation to address the issue of taxi drivers charging exorbitant amounts for trips between Malé, Hulhulé, and Hulhumalé across the bridge and Link Road. The decision was made to add meters to taxis for such trips and for the meters to work through a mobile application.

The Ministry stated that the application must have a meter function, as well as the ability to book cabs when needed.

Previously, the Ministry had worked with a private company to create an app to mitigate the difficulty in obtaining taxis in Malé City. However, the application did not prove to be popular among the public, despite taxi centres still allowing for online booking.

The hope is that this new app will address some of the issues the previous one faced and provide a better experience overall.