Licamac to host Night Market again this year

Source: Avas

Licamac Private Limited has stated that it would be hosting the “Licamac Night Market” for a second time this year.

The company stated that this new Night Market would be held from 29 August to 7 September at the Hulhumalé Central Park.

The CEO of Licamac, Mr Hassan Labee stated that the upcoming Night Market would be different from previous ones in that individuals from other islands would have the chance to visit Hulhumalé and purchase products from the market. He then added that Licamac would take steps to assist them in this endeavour.

Mr Labee elaborated that Licamac would be providing launches to ferry people from the islands to Hulhumalé where they can shop before returning home.

He went on to state that a special hotline will be opened to individuals on other islands a month before the Night Market so they can register for the trip to Hulhumalé and back again.

Stalls for the Night Market will be available for booking on 12 June. There are a total of 450 stalls, at a price of MVR6,000 each.