Ministry of Economic Development: Night Market can only sell surplus from shops from now on


Source: Mihaaru

The Ministry of Economic Development has stated that events and markets such as the Night Market and street markets can only sell surplus goods left unsold from shops.

The Ministry announced this change to regulations through the published regulations for those seeking to register for the Night Market this year.

According to the new regulations, the vendors at the Night Market must be a registered business or an organization within the Maldives.

The Registrar of Companies of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ms Mariyam Visam stated that the burden of proof of whether the products being sold at the Night Market, street markets, and other such fairs are surplus stock is on the registered companies or organizations. She also stated that a written guarantee of the status of all products to be sold must be submitted.

The regulations further require parties that sell imported goods at the Night Market and other such fairs to register with the Ministry of Economic Development. Permission to hold such a fair is given by the relevant island or city councils.

Additionally, the regulations state that such fairs should be held regarding special occasions and that the island and city councils would announce what such occasions might be.

Parties wishing to organize their own fairs or events of this sort are required to register 14 days in advance.

Moreover, if food is to be sold at such an event, the relevant individuals or organizations must obtain the permits relevant to public health and safety.

Lastly, the price of all goods being sold must be made visible to the customers.

These regulations set by the Ministry of Economic Development were put in place with the intention of protecting the various local businesses.