Aasandha spends over MVR387m in 5 months


Source: Avas

The Aasandha programme has reportedly spent over MVR387 million during the first five months of this year.

According to the Weekly Fiscal Development report released by the Ministry of Finance, as of 6 June, Aasandha has spent MVR387.1 million out of this year’s total budget of MVR1 billion on medical expenses so far.

Additionally, the statistics also showed that the state has spent MVR407.3 million out of a budget of MVR1.3 billion on medical subsidies so far this year.

The total budget for the government this year has been set at MVR30 billion.

According to the report, MVR9.8 billion from the budget has already been spent while the government has obtained about MVR9.4 billion income and aid. MVR7.3 billion out of the aforementioned number was obtained through taxation.

The estimated earnings this year through taxation are set at about MVR16.5 billion while the earnings through non-tax methods are expected to be around MVR1.7 billion.

Looking at governmental spending, MVR4 billion out of a planned MVR9.5 billion has been spent on salaries and pensions.