Eligible dates for the Night Market announced

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Source: Avas

The Malé City Council has announced the eligible dates for the Night Market to be held in Malé, Hulhumalé, and Villimalé.

According to the announcement made by the Malé City Council, the permitted dates for the Night Market include the first day of Eid, the second day of Eid, the anniversary of the Maldives’ conversion to Islam, the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Independence Day, National Day, Republic Day, the New Year, the New Year of the Hijri Calendar, Fishermen’s Day, Victory Day, and the month of Sha’ban before Ramadan.

The announcement also stated that any interested parties can apply for permission at the Malé City Council if they want to host a Night Market or Street Market in the Greater Malé area.

The application forms for such an event will be available at the Maafannu Office of the Malé City Council from 10am to 1pm on working days.

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