STO Warehouse Sale to begin with massive discounts

Source: One Online

The State Trading Organization (STO) is about to begin its Warehouse Sale this coming month with massive discounts.

The company stated that the sale would be from 2 to 6 July at the STO Supermarket Warehouse, as per previous years.

The sale will be open to the public from 8PM to 11PM each night and would offer large price cuts on electronic items.

STO further added that other items would also be available for cheap prices. They include products from the Phillips brand, Nippon brand, Makita brand, and household and kitchen products sold at the Supermart.

The last two days of the sale will see the event open to the public from 4PM to 6PM, in addition to regular opening hours.

STO also stated that all customers attending will get a coupon for the lucky draw and that a winner would be picked every night.

The STO Warehouse Sale has been well-received each year it has been on.