New Apron Opened at Velana International Airport


Image Source: Ahmed Shurau / Avas

New apron at Velana International Airport developed by the China Beijing Urban Development Construction Group (BUCG) was officially inaugurated today. National airline Maldivian’s flight that returned from Bangkok was the first flight parked at the new apron.

The first of two phases of the apron has 70,000 square foot and the apron can accommodate two sizes of flights in two options. first option; 2 white body aircraft and 6 narrow-body aircraft. second option; 5 white body aircraft and 1 narrow-body aircraft.

MACL’s corporate communication general manager Hassan Afeef said while the first phase of the project has already been completed, the project work of the second phase already started. He added that the second phase of work will be completed in about 6 months and can house 4 white-bodied aircraft and 8 narrow-bodied aircraft.

The development of Velena International Airport is estimated to be $800 million (MVR 12.3 billion). $373 million of the $800 million was spent on building the new runway. while a new passenger terminal, fuel farm, and a new seaplane terminal are also to be developed.