MSD launches ‘Infinity Campaign’ to create wider investor participation

The Maldives Securities Depository Company Private Limited (MSD) on Sunday launched their new ‘Sign Up to Infinity & Win’ campaign.

The campaign will run from 21 July 2019 until 21 September of the same year.

According to MSD the purpose of the campaign is to create a “wider investor participation in the capital market through promotion of e-subscriptions” which can be done through their online portal – ‘Infinity.’

The online portal for e-subscriptions was developed by MSD to ease access for investors. Which according to MSD’s statement will have “increased access and use of Infinity by investors in the market” which has the potential to “increase market liquidity and secondary market trading in the future.”

The campaign will run for a period of nine consecutive weeks and eligible participants will be entered into a weekly lucky draw – subject to the terms and conditions of the campaign.

The ‘Infinity Campaign’ is run with the association of supporting partners like State Trading Organization (STO), Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB), Kaimoo Hotels & Resorts, AAA Hotels & Resorts, Physical Fitness Center, FitZone Gym, Octo Maldives, King’s Lounge and Ooredoo Maldives which acts as the campaign’s digital partner.

MSD had thanked the support and contribution by these organizations in their continued effort to “increase education and accessibility in the capital market.”

The Maldives Securities Depository Company aims to increase the accessibility of the capital market across Maldives with the aid of technology-based solutions.



  1. Ahmed Azmeen Shareef at 1:01 am

    I want to buy shares but I don’t know anything about this so would like to know how this is being done and what are the advantages and disadvantages!