STELCO Targets 50% of Power from Solar Energy

Image: Nishan Ali / Mihaary

Managing Director of STELCO, Hassan Mughnee has said the company wants to see 50% generation coming from solar energy within the next five years.

Currently, the company operates two solar power generation stations in two separate islands, V. Rakeedhoo and Adh. Dhidhdhoo. Moreover, Mughunee said STELCO is working on the expansion of the two “100% Renewable Energy Islands” in the two islands.

Regarding the main challenges in the country’s move towards renewable energy, Mughnee said in his interview with The Business Report “The challenge lies in our geography. In contrast to other countries, the Maldives doesn’t have a central grid, but a myriad of micro-grids. One major power generating center distributing power to a large population is not a model that works here.”

“solar has an intermittency problem, so we are opting for a hybrid system that mixes diesel-powered generation at night and solar during the day” he added.

Ministry of Environment is also promoting the development of a new 5MW solar power plant in the Greater Malé Region and the project has already passed the bidding stage.