Changes to internet prices imminent – Minister Maleeh

Photo: Mihaaru News

The much anticipated changes to the internet price is imminent, Minister of Communication, Science and Technology, Maleeh Jamaal reveals in a tweet.

Replying to a tweet by a concerned student about the internet prices, Minister Maleeh said that it is important to raise such concerns and agreed there is a need to make internet prices more affordable.

Answering questions by local media “Mihaaru” Minister Maleeh further noted discussions have been held with relevant authorities and proposals formulated to fulfil the government’s pledge to make internet prices affordable. He said the proposal has been forwarded to the policy section at President’s Office.

Maleeh said that government will continue to review ways to make internet prices even more reasonable but refrained from providing details of the prices suggested in the current proposal.

He further said more meetings with relevant government authorities are still pending to discuss feasibility of the proposal, citing that changes to internet prices would cause ripple effect to the state income.

Currently there are three companies which provide internet services in the country, which includes telecommunication provider Dhiraagu, Ooredoo and Raajje Online.

Minister Maleeh noted that major setbacks were faced in setting a reduction price and setting the deadline for the major move. He further said that such a decision can not be made without forming proper guidelines and regulations.

The Minister cited that while discussion were held with relevant stakeholders on the matter on various occasions, Telecommunication Authority of Maldives run under the Ministry also conducted systematic assessments of internet prices of 26 different countries. He said as per findings of these surveys, Maldives has the 7th most expensive internet prices.

Prices of internet are a major concern of Maldivian citizens, with people calling for better cheaper internet prices as well as improvement to internet speed.