Coco Bodu Hithi to Welcome Back MasterChef Judge Monica Galetti

Coco Collection has revealed plans to welcome back MasterChef Judge Monica Galetti to Coco Bodu Hithi on October to host six-course dinners on October 22 and 25 and a masterclass on October 23.

Monica’s dinners and masterclass at Coco Bodu Hithi will be nothing short of a culinary journey. She will be tapping into the island’s fresh seafood resources accentuated with the influence of her South Pacific heritage to create a unique menu, embellishing the resort’s award-winning restaurant Aqua’s reputation for great seafood.

Monica’s signature dish will also remain on the restaurant’s menu on a seasonal basis so that the future guests also get a taste of the specially designed menu.

Samoan-born, New Zealand-raised Monica Galetti moved to the UK in the late ‘90s to work alongside Michel Roux Jr at his two Michelin-star restaurant Le Gavroche. Today, she heads up Mere restaurant in London, serving up a fusion of South Pacific and French cuisine. Monica is also a judge on BBC Two’s MasterChef: The Professionals.

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