Ministry of Fisheries help establish hydroponics systems at Maalhos


Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resource and Agriculture helps establish hydroponics systems in 10 households of Maalhos Island of Baa Atoll.

The programme was launched by Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resource and Agriculture, Zaha Waheed.

The project is conducted as part of the effort of the Ministry to assist families to carryout lucrative agricultural businesses from the lands within their homes. Under the initiative, The Ministry has established systems for families to produce lettuce, melons and cucumbers using hydroponics technology.

According to the Ministry, these systems will enable production of 12 kilos of lettuce, 65 kilos of melons and cucumber each time.

Additionally, Ministry has held discussions with resort, guesthouse, hotels run in Baa Atoll to assist the families to market their produces. Ministry says that these discussions were held so as to ensure the farmers have a way of selling their products to resorts, guesthouses or hotels.

This hydroponic farming programme was launched by the Agriculture Ministry as a means to assist islands facing lack of land to continue farming via using other means. The Ministry aims to launch the programme in another island next year as well.