Royal Jordanian commences charter flights to Maldives


The national airline of Jordan, the Royal Jordanian has commenced a series of charter flights to the island nation of Maldives.

The first charter flight from the airline landed at the Velana International Airport (VIA) – the main getaway of the country – on Friday, last week.

The charter flights will be moving between the Queen Alia International Airport of Jordan’s capital Amman and Velana International Airport, the primary airport of Maldives on the basis of one flight per week until October 16.

The Royal Jordanian Airline is among the most prominent airlines in the Middle-Eastern region with a fleet capacity of 43 which includes Boeing’s latest Dreamliner-787 and flies to a total of 43 destinations.

With the commencement of charter flights to Maldives by Royal Jordanian, the tourist arrivals from the Middle-Eastern region are also expected to pick up. The region is a crucial, and an emerging tourist market to the Maldives.

It was reported by the Maldives Ministry of Tourism, that the total number of visitors from the region by end of August 2019 has reached 42,774 which marks a 3.9% improvement.