FSM shifts oil bowser refilling to Hulhumale’ following deadly blaze at T-Jetty

The oil bowser fire on Monday afternoon, resulting in massive property damage and injuries to several, has pushed for Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) to shift fuel refilling from bowsers to Hulhumale’.

Initially the fuel refilling through oil bowsers were primarily at the T-Jetty vicinity – which is the South-West end of the Maldives Capital.

According to FSM, subsidiary of State Trading Organization (STO) and among the strongest suppliers of petrol and diesel in the country, the company’s fuel refilling operations have since been shifted to the Hulhumale’ FSM pump-station.

The fire that ignited on an oil bowser parked at T-Jetty, resulted in an explosion and a massive fire outbreak which led to six more bowsers in close vicinity getting burnt completely. Thick plume of smokes was visible to neighboring islands from the explosion.

In addition to this, the deadly fire had resulted in complete damage to a speedboat docked at the T-Jetty while seven were transported to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) over burn injuries.