Sri Lanka’s franchise e-commerce, retail to have Maldivian wing as ‘’


A local venture; namely Magey Investment is set to bring the Maldivian version of renowned online e-commerce portal prolific in the neighboring Sri Lanka. The local company is set to launch – which is the local take on which is a go to e-commerce site in the neighboring nation.

Recently the director of the Sri Lankan franchise, Mr Afthab Azeez visited Maldives to sign the agreement with their Maldivian associate; Magey Investment.

Magey Investment is a local venture that has a few locally run restaurants which include Steak and Coffee Bar, Haws and Haw’s Eatery.

The as the Maldivian wing of the franchise will have the website along with a retail store with a catalogue of more than 3,000 products. More than just another e-commerce portal, the online shopping and e-commerce, plus retail will also be the first in Maldives to deliver the purchased items anywhere in the country.

In addition to this, the website will also offer usable services such as speedboat or vessel bookings for transportation, booking of doctors’ appointment along with deliveries of cakes and flowers – which will have local vendor support.

The website will also become the first such portal that allows multiple payment options such as cash on delivery, debit or credit card payments and online transfers.

According to Magey Investments directors; Hawwa Sifza, Ismail Shiuth and Infaz Faiz the official launching date will be disclosed in the coming weeks; but it is expected for a December 2019 launch.