Parliament Speaker attends India Economic Forum and to partake in Adex India – Mumbai Dive Show


The former president and current Speaker of Maldives parliament Mr Mohamed Nasheed departed from Maldives to visit the neighboring India to participate in the India Economic Forum – slated for 4 October 2019, Friday in New Delhi.

In addition to participating in the India Economic Forum, the parliament Speaker will also be partaking and addressing at the first International Scuba Diving Expo “Adex India – Mumbai Dive Show” at the Bombay Exhibition Center on 5 October 2019, Saturday.

The Adex India – Mumbai Dive Show is the first scuba diving travel expo scheduled to kick off at India which will run from 4 October until 6 October 2019. The event is expected to attract major international diving scuba diving brands as well as affiliated businesses will showcase their services in the premier event.

The line-up of speakers includes world renown and award-winning industry professionals from Switzerland, UK, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka and even from the Maldives.

The Adex India’s celebrity ambassador is popular Bollywood actress and diva Parineeti Chopra.