Addu City Council to Lease 6 Areas for Tourism Development


Addu City Council has revealed land plots from 6 areas are being leased to parties interested in developing tourist facilities.

To develop guesthouses, city hotels in the tourism zone allocated in the city by the government, the council is now accepting bids from the interested parties. According to the announcement, both locals and expatriates can lease land plots from the council.

Addu City Mayor, Abdulla Sodiq stated that bid documents will be available for purchase from the Secretariat of the Addu City Council until November 13. In addition that Sodiq said that the zones have been decided after considering the marketability of the areas.

Earlier, the Ministry of Tourism has signed an agreement with Addu City Council to develop a total of 4,000 beds in tourist facilities. As part of tourism development in the north and south of the country, Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed said 4,000 beds in the first phase, out of a total of 8,000 beds are to be developed in Addu City.

Addu City is the second-largest urban area in the Maldives, in terms of population, and is one of the two urban areas to get the status of “city” other than the capital city, MalĂ© and Fuvamulah.