Maldives govt plans leasing lands to develop properties on ‘Halal Tourism’ concept


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The Maldives government will be leasing out lands to develop tourist resort properties based on the Muslim Friendly of ‘Halal Tourism’ concept.

As per the current administration, the government is working towards fulfilling the prerequisites before the ‘Halal Tourism’ can be integrated into the Maldives tourism industry. This falls under the state pledge, for which the government recently launched their five-year Strategic Action Plan (SAP).

According to Maldives state, all necessary regulations, acts and policies will be developed and processed in the coming year prior to the inception of the ‘Muslim Friendly’ tourism – which is a dominant tourism aspect across the globe, most notably in the Middle-Eastern countries.

The policies for the tourism concept will be generated by the Maldives Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Ministry of Tourism in a collaborative effort.

To put strong impetus on initiating ‘Halal Tourism’ in Maldives, the Maldives Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Economic Development will combine their efforts in attracting investors who are interested in such projects. This initiative will commence sometime in the coming year along with the government opening resort development opportunities under the concept on 2020.

Moreover, Shari’a Compliance schemes will be introduced with the assistance of local banks as part of introducing ‘Halal Tourism’ in the country. Government claims this initiative will commence on 2021.

The tourism industry of Maldives, with a rich history spans 47 years and so far, not a single property has been developed from the scratch with ‘Muslim Friendly’ tourism concept at its core. However, ADK Company attempted in opening such a property at the island of Gaakoshibee of Shaviyani Atoll. The project stalled and was discontinued afterwards.

The Muslim Friendly or ‘Halal Tourism’ is a strongly emerging tourist concept across the globe and as per Thompson Reuters, in their 2017 report approximately 11.8% of the global traveler index was Muslim travelers.