Maniyafaru to be developed as a resort

Resort development work has begun in the reclaimed lagoon of K. Maniyafaru.

The USD 2 million reclamation project was awarded to Evosun Sdn Bhd by a private company that operates two resorts in the Maldives. Under this project, Evosun used over 380,000 cubic meters of sand to reclaim the Maniyafaru lagoon.

The resort development work in Maniyafaru is being carried out by Ebony Pvt Ltd.

The Maniyafaru land reclamation project – signed on July 1, 2017 – was completed on November 15, 2017. At present, the developers are building the sea wall around the reclaimed land.

Several resort development projects are currently underway in the Maldives, with nine resorts being developed in Enboodhoo Falhu on reclaimed land.

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