Gadheemee Collection & MATI Concludes Stone Carving Course


Image: Gadheemee Collection / Facebook

Gadheemee Collection and Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) has wrapped up the ‘Traditional Stone Carving Course’. The course ran for a period of three months from June 20 onwards.

At the closing ceremony of the course held on Monday at the National Museum, Minister of Arts, Culture & Heritage, Yumna Maumoon and Secretary-General of MATI, Ahmed Nazeer attended and spoke at the ceremony. In addition to that, officials from Arts and culture ministry, environment ministry, TVET Authority, MATI, Mohamed Imran Ahmed of Gadheemee Collection, the students of the course and other governmental bodies as well as media personnel were also present at the ceremony.

“The preservation and promotion of Maldivian culture is a key area of focus for MATI. Furthermore, traditional stone carving was picked specifically as research suggested that this is a dying art with very few traditional stonemasons/carvers operating in the Maldives,” MATI said in a statement.

“MATI also believes that the Tourism Industry is a viable platform that can assist in the revival and promotion of traditional arts and crafts by providing artisans and craftsmen a platform to showcase their products and services and earn a living out of practicing traditional arts and crafts.” The statement further read.

The closing event included a presentation and display of the work carried out by the students of the course and handing out of course completion certificates to the students.