India slows onion export to countries; price hikes in Maldives


The strong torrential rain experienced in India currently has resulted in bad crops and slow down on export of produce such as onions.

The South-Asian giant has either slowed down or stopped export of onions to most of the country’s export destinations; Maldives included among them.

However, the Maldives government has affirmed the island nation will not experience scarcity of onion in the market. Despite the state’s assurance, there has been a sudden price surge in the sale of onions in Maldivian market.

A bag of onions, at the usual retail price is currently sold at MVR800 or MVR900 per bag while a kilo of onions has a price range between MVR30 to MVR40 per kilo. The reasons for this price hike seem questionable.

“We don’t get onions from India now. That’s why the market price has lifted for these items,” one of the local vendors was quoted saying while another said that the highest number of onions are exported out of India from the Tuticorin harbor, but now there has been a stoppage on it.

One of the strongest importers of onion to Maldives, Lily Group’s Chairman Mr Ahmed Naasir said that the sudden drop in exports from India comes majorly due to low numbers in produce as well.

“This is not the first time Maldives is facing a restraint in onion imports, this happens from time to time. The weather is pretty bad over there [India] these days, and that’s why the harvest is low,” Mr Naasir was quoted saying.

However, the Director of Communications, Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr Miuwaan Mohamed said there are no notable difficulties in getting onion imports to Maldives from the neighboring giant.

It has been reported that the stock of onion from India, signed for exportation to Maldives have been stalled from loading over logistical errors – most precisely miscommunication issues. This led to a stoppage in loading of goods from Tuticorin harbor initially, and businessmen shifting their consignment loading to other ports. However, the issue has since been resolved.