Maldives exhibits at the TTG Travel Experience at Italy


Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) confirms that the island nation is exhibiting at the TTG Travel Experience Fair at Italy – which is one of the biggest fairs in the country.

As per the state-based marketing and PR corporation, a total of 25 local corporations will be exhibiting the tourism and travel industry services and products at the fair.

MMPRC reveals Maldives is exhibiting at the TTG Travel Experience due the fair’s importance and its strength, in addition to which it will pave way for establishing proper rapport with the country. The corporation hopes participation of Maldives in the fair will enhance growth of tourists from the host country.

It is reported that a total of 2,131 exhibitors from 90 global destinations will be showcasing and presenting their services and products. The TTG Travel Experience will reportedly attract about 44,647 visitors.

Simultaneous to the exhibition of Maldives at the fair, the island nation will also be promoting tourism under the ‘Journey to the Sunnyside’ slogan. The fair is expected to kick off on 14 October lasting until 15 October.

Italy holds a historical importance to Maldives tourism since the very first tourists who set foot in the Indian Ocean archipelago came from the European nation.

As per the latest tourisms statistics the country exclusively had 92,162 of their holidaymakers visiting Maldives by end of August 2019. This also marks an uptick of arrivals by 32.1 percent.

With an extensive budget set for tourism and destination promotion, MMPRC has been taken on the task with added effort with new initiatives. The corporation spearheaded several exhibitor participations in various global travel and tourism fairs so far in 2019.