Finance Ministry implements SMS notification system for money receipts


Image Source: Ministry of Finance

The Maldives Ministry of Finance has implemented an SMS-notification system to update individuals and entities on money transaction they are subject to receive through government ministries and authorities.

Monetary transactions from government’s end as a default will be processed through the Maldives Ministry of Finance to be deposited into the relevant accounts.

The notification system has a two-way notifying approach; either through SMS or through emails.

The Ministry’s call center number 1617 will be forwarding the fund depository notifications to respective parties or through their official mail address [email protected] and both notifying methods will be effective to those who have their contact details registered on Public Accounting System.

However, for those who do not have provided their contact or email details while registering on to the Public Accounting System or those who have the said details changed will not be receiving the said updates.

The Ministry while apologizing for the inconvenience, have advised to fill in these details under the Communication column in their Vendor Maintenance applications followed with legitimate signature and stamp before forwarding it to [email protected].

The vendor maintenance application form will be available from the ministry’s website.