Why should you contend in Maldives Business Awards


PHOTO/One Online

The much coveted business awards event of the year – the Maldives Business Awards 2019 – has already opened their window for entries.

While the initial deadline was extended to 24 October 2019, coming Thursday following a few ‘hiccups’ to the event’s official website resulting several potential contenders losing opportunity to push forward their application.

Now that there is apt time for more potential contenders to drop in their names for nomination, the question comes; why should one contend in the Maldives Business Review?

Though young, the Maldives Business Awards is regarded as among the most prestigious if not the most prestigious business awards event in the country. It is among the most notable awards directed towards the corporate sector in a holistic manner.

Initiated by the local marketing and public relations firm, Blazon Inc. the awards event had attracted several contenders in its first edition back in 2018 as well.

The 2019 edition is scheduled for December with the gala event where the winning parties will be bestowed or ‘crowned’ for their achievements.

Now the question comes to mind, with a few business related awards in existence what makes the Maldives Business Awards stand out?

The awards will be the first of its kind where a specific segment or hierarchy of the corporate sector is not exclusively promoted but rather the entire business sector given the full acknowledgement and recognition it so richly deserve.

This is to say that the Maldives Business Awards is perhaps the only awards event out there that celebrates individual victories with as much panache as group or company achievements.

Even the objectives of the awards and why it came to inception are reasons enough for one to understand the long-term vision of such an event.

Maldives Business Awards was introduced to support, encourage, acknowledge and celebrate the victories of corporate entities and individuals.

Among the main objectives of the awards include;

  • To recognize excellence and create a healthy competition among businesses
  • To promote innovation and business intelligence
  • To showcase outstanding achievements by the business community
  • To recognize the progress by individuals and businesses excelled in their respective sectors

In order for anyone, whether it is an individual, group or company there are a set of criteria and eligibility that one must fulfill or follow through. They include;

  • The company must be incorporated in Maldives and at least 2 years in operations by the second quarter of 2019 (with the only exception for those contending under Startup Business of the Year)
  • The company must be involved in legitimate businesses with annual revenue above MVR50,000 for the financial year ended 2018
  • For company with same owners, group proforma consolidated account is acceptable with the condition that the company or group should be in a single or similar business

The companies that are contending for various categories will be evaluated for their performance from the first quarter of 2018 until the second quarter of 2019.

For any awarding event, the most crucial item that needs to be attached to it will be the transparency or the integrity and fairness at which the contenders are evaluated. The Maldives Business Awards trumps this with the involvement of a judging panel consisting of individuals who have set a standard of excellence, perseverance and dedication in their respective working fields and environments.

The judging panel of 2018 for the awards included notable, sought after and well-versed individuals in the corporate community. They were;

  • His Excellency Hamdun Abdulla Hameed – former Ambassador to Singapore
  • Dr. Aishath Muneeza – Associate Professor (ICEIF)
  • Dr. Mariyam Waseema – Managing Director, Life Support
  • Dr. Azmiralda Zahir – Partner, Litica Law Associates
  • Mr. Ibrahim Athif Shakoor – Managing Director, United Foods
  • Usthaz Ashraf Rasheed – Founder, The Law House
  • Mr. Abdulla Giyas – Former President, MATATO
  • Ms. Fathimath Shaanaa Farooq – Director General, Housing Ministry
  • Mr. Ahmed Mazin – Chairman, CMDA

There is no lie in claiming that the Maldives Business Awards will be one among the most transparent and fair awarding events in the country with complete detachment of the organizer from the contender evaluation process.

This is to say, the organizer Blazon Inc. plays no role in the judging panel and the experts in the panel are provided complete autonomy in their evaluation process. If this does not solidify the professional approach towards the awards, then what else would?

Contending at the Maldives Business Awards will definitely set the bar high for the individuals or corporations who either get nominations of even go on to win the coveted awards. Not only will such a recognition will add ‘beauty’ and complete the business resume or portfolio for the individual or company, but also increase their exposure among the public.

It is a hands down win-win for the contenders as getting the nomination itself indicates strong validation that either the individual, group or company are well worth deserving the respect and recognition for their corporate endeavors.

With the entry window closing on 24 October, this will undoubtedly be a golden opportunity for anyone with an exceptional business portfolio to contend and go ahead to win at the Maldives Business Awards.