Vessel with over 1,000 bags of onion sink en-route Maldives

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In a completely unprecedented event, a vessel en-route to Maldives carrying 1,500 bags of onion sank before reaching destination.

It has been reported that the consignee of the onion shipment is the state and public owned State Trading Organization (STO).

Further information has revealed that the ship, wooden and medium in size carrying various perishables along with the bags of onion sank approximately 100 miles out of Maldivian waters.

The consignee, STO has since then confirmed that their shipment of onion was included in the lost goods list however, added that the items were insured.

While it is uncertain how the incident will affect entirely at the local retail or wholesale prices on onions, recently the price of onion sold in the country surged over lack in supply – which came to effect two weeks back.

The situation had since become deflated following previous shipments of onion to STO arriving a week earlier.

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