Advance Ruling Systems Will Enable Trust of Businesses: Ali Zubair


Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru

Chief Customs Officer, Ali Zubair has revealed that the new advanced ruling systems will enable businesses to grow the trust in Maldives Customs Service.

According to the local media PSM News, Ali Zubair said that Maldives Customs is continuously working to provide easier methods for import-export businesses on a program aired on PSM News. In addition to that, Zubair further revealed the institution is continuously working on approaches to clear the cargo imports more swiftly.

The new advance ruling system introduced is expected to increase the speed of the cargo clearance process and build trust between customs authority and importers and exporters. Likewise, the system also allows for greater transparency as the customs duty rates and dates of clearance are visible to businesses.

With the introduction of advance rulings, customs will communicate the origin, duty rates and classification of goods in advance. Exporters and importers, as well as their representatives alike, can apply for the free service.