Health Minister hopes for ‘mobile laboratory’ across Maldives in 2020

The Maldives Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen while bemoaning the geographic restraints on providing efficient health-care services in Maldives hoped for the challenges to become averted in the upcoming year.

Minister Ameen on Tuesday, while responding to inquiries made by parliamentarians had asserted the government’s plan on expanding the mobile laboratory services across the country, which currently is under works in Laamu atoll.

The Health Ministry had established mobile laboratories in the islands of Kunahandhoo, Dhanbidhoo, Mundoo and Maamendhoo of Laamu atoll which eliminates the need to travel seeking specialized services and health-care options.

“We aim to implement the mobile laboratory project throughout the country by the end of 2020 which will allow for easy transport of test samples for experimentation and other needs, results can be extracted within a day’s time,” Minister Ameen explained the benefits of a mobile laboratory concept.

Minister further noted on the remedies on patients as well as on state expenditure on implementing a mobile laboratory system across the country which will reduce operational costs.

The Maldives government has planned on heavily investing in the healthcare system of the country in the following year including procurement of ambulances and other transportation options to carry patients in a timely basis.