World Travel Market 2019 kicks off at London


The World Travel Market 2019 commenced on Tuesday at London, United Kingdom with Maldivian delegates promoting tourism at the event.

Maldives is set to promote the island nation’s tourism activities and offers at the three-day event which will last until 07 November 2019, Thursday.

The Maldivian delegate is led by Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Thoyyib Mohamed. The delegation consists 163 representatives of 63 local corporations affiliated in travel and tourism.

MMPRC has reported members of the local delegation will meet and discuss with tourism and hospitality experts on ways to improve and boost the industry.

Local musical act ‘Detune Band’ will be performing in various stalls representing Maldives while authentic local cuisine will be up for visitors to experience.

In addition to this, stalls will be offering a virtual or real time experience of the pristine beauty of Maldives through technological means.

Following the World Travel Market, Maldives is set to partake in the ‘Journey to the Sunny Side of Maldives’ a roadshow series set at Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin.

With the inclusion of 16 local travel and tourism companies, the roadshow will kick-off simultaneously in all scheduled locations from Thursday until Friday.