MPL announces new hours for goods clearance in commercial harbor, T-Jetty

Following the decision by Transport Authority to restrict bulk transportation to low traffic hours, Maldives Ports Authority (MPL) has decided to change goods clearance from the commercial harbor and T-Jetty to low traffic hours.
Speaking to the press about the change in goods clearance hours, CEO of MPL, Abdul Razzaaq Haleem stated that although goods clearance hours have been changed, goods can still be loaded to the boats in the commercial harbor and T-Jetty between 0800 and 1800 hrs.

“If good have not been loaded onto a boat by 6PM, we will take note of the boat and allow goods to be loaded onto the vessel. According to the new regulations, goods can still be loaded onto the boats, but we are halting goods clearance for the time being. Goods clearance will begin after 22:00hrs at night under this regulation,” Haleem stated.

He stated that Lorries will be allowed into the harbor area for goods clearance at 9PM every night and goods clearance will continue until 0500 hrs.

“The new change will benefit businesses as well as Lorry drivers. We have received complaints from Lorry drivers about the difficulties they face during the peak traffic hours. According to the drivers, a single trip takes between 1-2 hours, which results in higher prices,” Haleem said.

Haleem added that the new change would benefit MPL as well, as the company can utilize all their resources to provide better service.
He said that goods clearance hours for T-Jetty will be the same as the commercial harbor, and that the changes have been discussed with businesses utilizing T-Jetty area.
Transportation Authority has declared that transportation of goods to local shops and warehouses, including transportation of wood, steel, cement, sand, and services alike will be carried out between 2200 and 0600 hrs.
Under the new regulations, gas cylinder deliveries will be made between 0830 and 1100 hrs as well as between 2000 and 0600 hrs. Transportation Authority has warned they will take action against all businesses and drivers that violate the regulations.