Regulating Export Rates Imperative to Ensure Fair Value – President


Image: The President’s Office

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has emphasized that in order to ensure that Maldivians acquire the fair value for our fish exports, we need to have a say in deciding and regulating the export rates of the products in the international market. The president made the remarks at the special function held Yesterday evening at Dharubaaruge to commemorate the 39th National Fisherman’s Day 2019.

According to a press release by the president’s office, while speaking during the event, President Solih highlighted that fish products from Maldivian pole and line fishing is valuable work and has a much higher international market value. In addition to that, he also stated that the current fisheries export rates are determined by the international companies and that the government, along with the support from the fisheries sector investors, can work together to reform current rates and acquire fair value for the products.

“The administration will work on resolving the challenges in the sector by securing fair value for fish products in the international market,” President Solih stated.

He also expounded on the major modifications that have been brought to the administration’s fisheries policy including the removal of exclusivity afforded to certain companies to allow other fisheries companies in the business to also purchase the catch.

“This would prevent the disposal of excess fish to the sea and increase the earnings of our fisher community,” the president noted.

Along with the President, Vice President Faisal Naseem, state dignitaries, and fisheries sector stakeholders attended the event. The President also conferred special awards to fisheries sector contributors during the function.