EPA denies permission on Maafaru Airport expansion


Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has stopped progress being made to expand Maafaru International airport.

EPA stated that the decision had been based on the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) made regarding the expansion of Maafaru International Airport. The EIA revealed that the reclamation of land required to expand the airport had the possibility of endangering the lives of many sea dwelling creatures leaving the marine ecosystem heavily damaged.

In addition to this, EPA had also stated that the project would have taken a considerable amount of land area designated for the people of the island and that the project also posed the removal of over 22,000 trees, which would have heavily affected the greenery and landmass of the island.

The EIA states that the project was for the renovation and expansion of the airport to support larger planes such as the Boeing 777

The maafaru international airport at N. Maafaru was inaugurated on December 1st 2019, supporting flights up to a330s, with a runway spanning 2200 meters in length and 40 meters in width