Furaveri Island Resort gets a rebranding with new villas


Image Source: Booking.com

The Furaveri Island Resort, developed at Raa atoll, is getting rebranded with inclusion of new villas.

Under the process, Furaveri Island Resort is getting rebranded as Furaveri Maldives.

Moreover, the tourist resort’s theme will observe a change in their corporate identity opting for a light-blue theme on the property’s official portfolio.

Furaveri Maldives will be opening, following the rebranding, with the inclusion of 33 new villas.

In addition to this, the tourist resort’s spa will be completely replaced by a “Wellness Village” – the first of its kind in Maldives.

The “Wellness Village” is designed staying true to Maldivian tradition and will resemble a local yesteryear village. The treatment and services offered from the Village will also hold true to Maldivian traditional practices in medicine; which focused on herbal treatment prominently.

The resort first opened in 2016, with a total of 107 villas while the inclusion of the new villas will bring up the accommodation capacity to 140.